(I named this blog after the ‘zine I used to do in the 90s. I wrote & self-published this in the summer of 1993, a few months after the arrest of Paul Bernardo, back when he was called “Paul Teale” and before he went to trial. At the point this was written, (July 1993) it was not public knowledge that there were videotapes hidden in a pot-light that the police didn’t find at first and that Karla got a walk on two other rapes, including her role in the death of her own younger sister. Karla Homolka is a free woman these days, with three children of her own. She’s changed her name, of course and now lives in Quebec with her husband and family. Today, Paul Bernardo applied for parole, as is his right, under the law.)   


Let me see if I’ve got this straight : the courts have decided in the interests of justice, not to let YOU, the ignorant public, to know the details of the “manslaughter” trial of Karla Homolka. Karla received 12 years for her role in the murders of two teenage girls. Her estranged husband, Paul Teale is awaiting trial for the crimes, as well as numerous violent serial rapes. Details of Karla’s trial will not be made public until his trial is over with; that could be two years or more.


I was getting to that. The point is NOT that the judiciary has nothing but contempt for the public. The point is NOT that this is another example of arrogance by those in power. The point is NOT that the media is waiting to make a buck from tragedy. That’s NOT the point.

The point IS that the publication ban is in place to hide police incompetence and judicial corruption.

How many resources were wasted on “eyewitness” reports? On phone tips, TV shows, psych profiles? Why was the search warrant on Teale’s home extended not once but twice? Too many questions. Not enough answers.

Karla ratted on her husband AND THAT IS THE ONLY REASON HE IS IN CUSTODY. She struck a deal with the Crown and will be free sooner than you think. Believe it. Paul will get a fair trial and then he will be found guilty, thanks to the testimony of Karla. Then the details will be released to the public and by then, it will be too late. The newspapers and journalists will make money. LOTs of it. And the police? There will be a public inquiry. After a long, costly process, the police will be exonerated. Or not. Recommendations will be made. Nothing will change. Trust me.


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